Delfarm Projects Limited (Delfarm) is an innovator of a unique system of community development that integrates technology in an industrial park setting where ideas are turned into enterprise with training and human resource development in a sustainable Agro Technological Industrial Environment.

Delfarm, in carrying out its Corporate Social Responsibility seeks to empower the society through manpower development and investments in sustainable and commercially viable Agro Allied Enterprise.

Delfarm Limited’s proposal is structured to establish an integrated development framework that combines agriculture, technology, industry and services. The major objectives being human development; researching existing local resources and integrating them with  novel techniques and technologies  and availing the new findings to our youths; mobilizing our men and women to appropriate agribusiness entrepreneurial leadership and management skills required for their effective participation in wealth creation.

The specific objectives of the Delfarm project includes but is not limited to the following:

a)  To establish, run and maintain a specialized agro-based farm for the development of various plants and live stocks from nursery to maturity.

b)  To facilitate Training & Empowerment Centers to focus on Poultry, Fishery, Cassava, Rice, etc. within an infrastructure that that presents an agro processing supermarket type distribution.

c)  Develop human, technical, infrastructural and organizational capacity to enhance production of agricultural produce and services as well as to foster improved knowledge and advocacy in small scale agribusiness.

d)  To function as an Integrated Bio-Technology Research, Development, Implementation, Production and marketing centre for allied Bio-Oils (Virgin Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil and Virgin Palm Oil).

At Delfarm, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
We are responsible to our customers, to our employees, to the environment we inhabit, and to the society we serve.
Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we profess.

As we grow as a company, it will become more important to define the core values from which we develop our corporate culture and our brand.
These are the core values that we shall strive to live by:

  • To Embrace and Drive Change
  • To Do More With Less
  • To Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Be Creative and Open-Minded
  • To Build a Positive Team and Community Spirit
  • To Be Passionate and Determined
  • To Act With Integrity
  • To Provide Food Self Sufficiency Through Integrated Agribusiness

  • Consolidation and Organic Growth
     Consolidation and organic growth in established products

  • Backward Integration
     Backward integration on commodities leading to import substitution and export

  • Industrial Focus
     Industrial focus in business diversification

  • Replication
     Replication of successful business models in other Nigerian States